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Newest Episode of "People Who Don't Suck" is on all podcast platforms!

(CLICK HERE to listen to the Episode on the 4 attachment styles with Dr.Nicole Hisaka)

Hey guys,

I hope you are all settling into your quarantines. Make this podcast has been such a learning experience and inevitably time consuming! It's been so much fun though. Each episode is 40min to an hour and it takes me about 6 hours to edit! so basically from start to finish its takes me an entire day. CRAZY.

This last episode is by far my favorite so far. This week we had a super interesting convo with Dr. Nicole Hisaka about attachment styles, how/when they develop, and how we can change them. like she says in the podcast it's basically like fortune telling your relationships. SUPER INTERESTING.

Anyways, Sada and I are still figuring out what exactly we want to concentrate on and how to go about the topics we choose. so let me know if you guys know any super interesting people (including yourselves) who would like to be on the podcast if you have a subject you feel you are dying to talk about!

See below for a little preview of the zoom we had on while we recorded:


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