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D.A.R.E Out now on all platforms:

We wrote D.A.R.E soon after #lilpeep passed from an OD. We got into the studio and Lou really wanted to just write a dark song about dark times. It was funny cause it wasn’t where I was at AT ALL in that time. So I went back in time, I brought myself back to right before I overdosed when I was 17. Back then we were just having fun and partying super hard without a care in the world other than the next hit. And that’s what D.A.R.E is, DOING IT FOR THE HELLUVIT. Hope you guys like it and stay tuned for the lyrics and more about that fun and dangerous time in my life that I’m lucky I got out of. #riplilpeep #ripjuicewrld #riplexi #drugawareness Song produced by @lou_koo_music Art by @glassolive


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