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5 Small Things To Do For Yourself in Quarantine

I literally have day's where things are great, and then other days where it's hard to get off the couch or get dressed.

Taking a shower helps, making a schedule helps, but even then, some days are just trash, and I'm trying to be ok with that.

When am i supposed to kick my own ass off the couch and get it together?

I had a friend call me this morning and ask me for some resources. She lives on an island in the pacific with poor internet and communities that are not her own. It's always humbling to hear what other people are going through. I've been so deeply grateful for the internet lately and the access to community that we have in this day and age that they didn't have during the Spanish Flu.

Here are 5 Things I TRY to do daily to keep myself sane:

1) Down a glass of water. Right now.

I have a tendency to forget to do this and in the long term it really messes me up. This is one of those "muscle movements" that can do us so much good without us even knowing.

2) Check in on someone

I have a schedule where everyday I text or call 1 or 2 people just to check on them. You never know when you could be making a huge difference in someone's day just by reaching out and texting "hey, how's it going?". Checking in on others also helps me get out of my own head and can even make me feel better about my day. This quarantine can get super lonely and we don't truly know what other people are going through unless we ask.

3) Find Community

There are alot of zoom meditations, breathing groups, recovery groups and support groups online they are even posting church on zoom nowadays. As humans we are naturally social creatures and feel connected when we find a place we feel we belong. Now, more than ever, is a wonderful time to try and find these places in the cyberverse. It's as simple as typing in your problem followed by "support group".

4) Learn something

I became a certified crisis counselor through a 30 hour training a couple of weeks ago and it has been one of the best things I've ever done! I highly recommend learning new skills during this crazy time, mood permitting, but even just reading one page a day or taking a tiny action toward something you've wanted for a long time really snowballs into some amazing things.

5) Move your Body

This one has been really hard for me. I am usually a super active gym junkie and this quarantine has killed my motivation to stay fit. I have lowered my expectations to just moving my body for even 10 minutes. It's scientifically proven that moving your body for 7 straight minutes actually improves your mood and your immune system. So instead of aiming for 1 hour a day, start with a 10 minute walk, and if you like that walk, make it 20.

I hope these little things help, or at least remind us of the small things we can do for ourselves. No need to be perfect. Even if just doing one of these things is all we can do for that day, that's alright. Just remember that the more uncomfortable you may feel about it, the better it probably is for you!

happy monday

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