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Choose your pricing plan

  • FREE Consultation

    Let's figure out what is good for you
    Free Plan
    • A free one time 15 min consultation on what your needs are.
  • One Time Check-in

    Check in on a specific issue or crisis just one time
    • 45 min text mental health check in and support session
  • Outreach

    Every week
    Perfect for people that need a weekly text check in
    Valid for 4 weeks+ 7 day free trial
    • Text Check-in once a week (up to 45mins)
  • Willingness

    Every week
    Going through a tough time and questioning yourself?
    • 24/7 Text Support (up to 2x extra check ins per week)
    • Weekly Text Check-in (up to 45 Mins)
  • Awareness

    Every week
    For guided support and video check ins
    • 24/7 text support (up to 2x extra check-ins per week)
    • 50 min video or phone call session per week
    • Access to MentalNest Self-Study Program and Forums
  • Enlightenment

    Every week
    Full long term course and support when we're ready to change
    • 24/7 Text Support (up to 2x Extra check-ins per week)
    • 1x 50 min Self-Awareness Session (video or phone) per week
    • 1 on 1 support through Mental Nest Self-Study Program
    • Access to MentalNest Program and Forums
Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
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